Thursday, August 6, 2009

A as Big Brother

WARNING: Lots of boob talk in this post

A has done such a remarkable job adjusting to having a sibling. He has certainly had his moments, but we expected there would be some bumps in the road. Overall, this has been a much easier transition than we expected.

Seeing breastfeeding through the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old is a funny thing! He has said and done so many cute things that I want to write them down before I forget! Most of these took place the first week Little Bit was home (I know.. I'm not timely with my blog posts!).

  • When Little Bit cries, A pulls up his shirt and says, "I want to feed him!"

  • On the first day Little Bit was home, I put him in a yellow sleeper. A's beloved giraffe is also yellow. When A saw Little Bit he said, "Mommy, he's wearing giraffe?" in the saddest voice I have ever heard. In my hormonal postpartum state, I started weeping. I thought, this poor child is having to share everyone's attention and now he thinks we've given Little Bit his lovie?

  • I keep the breast pump set-up in my bedroom, ready to rock-n-roll when I need it. I walked in one day to A with his shirt pulled up and the pump hooked up to his little boobie! He said, "I'm pumping milk for Little Bit!" My husband was most horrified by this.

  • A now breastfeeds giraffe..... I'll hear him say, "Look mommy, I'm feeding giraffe!" I'll turn around to see him sitting on the couch with his shirt up and giraffe hooked up to his boobie!

  • Whenever I breast feed, A says, "Little Bit's drinking his juice!"

  • A now burps and diapers every stuffed animal he has on a daily basis

  • Every morning he greets Little Bit by saying, "Good Morning Little Boy!" in the cutest voice I have ever heard. This is exactly how I greet him every morning (although, my voice isn't as cute).

God's Timing is Perfect

Goodness, the last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster!

For all of you who didn't know, my husband was laid-off from his job in June, right around the time we welcomed Little Bit into the world. This certainly wasn't in accordance with our plan, but God's timing is perfect....

We were anticipating this. Long before he was officially told that he was getting laid-off, we began to see the writing on the wall. I am so proud of him for pounding the pavement every single day and reaching out to every contact he has in hopes of finding a new job. He did this for months, but nothing panned out. He even had second and third interviews with some companies, but things would always unravel before an offer came. God's timing is perfect....

It has been the desire of my heart to be a stay-at-home mom since I had A three years ago. We couldn't afford it then, but have worked hard over the last three years so we would be at that place when we had our second child. The plan was that I would quit my job in April so I could have a couple of months at home with A before Little Bit came. But when April came we were very worried about the status of hub's job so I had to keep working. I was bummed. But God's timing is perfect....

It was great having hubs at home while we were adjusting to having another bundle of joy in the house. Overall, I had an amazing sense of peace about our situation, but in the back of my mind I was wondering how we were going to make it. Everytime I took my eyes off of Jesus and started playing the "what if" game, I would panic. I knew hubs severance was running out and there were no jobs in sight. God's timing is perfect....

The day his severance ran out he was offered a job!!! A wonderful job. He had one interview the day before. It happened so fast. For months he had been talking to recruiters and interviewing and this happened in a 24 hour period. God's timing is perfect...

Now I get to stay at home with my babies. I have joy unspeakable over this! I know it will be challenging at times, but I am not going to take one minute of it for granted.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a Type A personality. I thrive off of structure and order. I love organization. I am constantly organizing and re-organizing my house to make the most efficient use of my space. I like everything to be in its place. I frequently say, "Cluttered house equals cluttered mind." When my house is tidy I feel most at ease. And when it is not, I get cranky.

I am also a bit of a control freak. I like things to be done my way and I fall into the trap of believing that my way is the best way. I don't usually welcome change.... if something works, why change it?

Marriage and motherhood have thrown a wrench into all of the above. Learning to live with someone who does not share your "cluttered house equals cluttered mind" mentality is challenging. Having two children not does help with keeping the house neat. I have often found myself snapping at my husband when there are so many toys on the floor that I can't hear myself think!

I am harder on myself than anyone else ever could be. I set expectations so high that I often feel overwhelmed by my self-imposed standards. While in the hospital with little bit I made a vow to myself and my family that I will try really hard to just take a "chill pill."

I value the people that live in this house a million times more than I value its tidiness. In those hectic moments I don't always act that way. I don't want my family's memories to be of mom having a hissy fit about the house. I would rather them remember me down in the floor, amidst all the crumbs, playing cars with them and chasing them around the house with the play vacuum cleaner.

I am a work in progress.... this change hasn't happened overnight, but the Lord is surely working on me! I am learning to step back and gain perspective before acting in a way that belittles or disrespects my husband.

Lord, thank you that You who has begun a good work in me is faithful to see it to completion!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life - wedding dress

I thought I would join Kelly in reminiscing about my wedding dress today!!!

I absolutely loved my wedding dress (and my wedding)! My dress was one of the first 5 that I tried on. I picked it up from the rack and initially put it back, but the shop where I was allowed you to try 5 and I had picked 4, so I went back and got it. The minute I put it on I knew that was it!!! My mom, sisters, and good friend Tanya were with me that day. The looks on their faces when I came out of the dressing room confirmed my thoughts that this was indeed THE ONE!!!

My dress was mermaid style with a sweetheart neckline. There was rhinestone beading at the breastbone and delicate beading around the neckline. It had long, sheer sleeves with a bell wrist. It was totally NOT what I thought I would get, but ended up loving it!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm biting the bullet

OK, so I "officially" started potty training A on Monday.

By "officially" I mean that I am getting him to sit on the potty in the morning when he wakes up, in the afternoon when he wakes up from a nap, and before bedtime. I am trying to remember to ask him during the day also, but I'm having a harder time with that one!!!

Everyday he has sat on the potty at least twice and peed. One day he pooped. Two times he has told me he has to go potty, without me asking him, and has gone. He is still wearing a diaper... I'm easing both of us into this process. Once he gets the hang of it and is telling me more often that he has to "go," then we will transition to big boy undies.

I know in the parenting world there is much debate over whether or not to offer your child a reward for pottying. The great child psychologists all have a different opinion on this one. I have chosen the path of reward and so far it is working. I went to Target and stocked up on 0.99 matchbox cars and bought a bag of M&Ms. I'm going to alternate which treat he gets when he goes potty.

So we are just getting our feet wet with this potty training thing. I feel like I am totally unqualified to do this, which technically I am, considering I have never potty trained a child before.

So, all you mom's out there who have done this.... what worked best for you????

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Jack

My sister Brittany delivered her first baby 3 weeks after Little Bit was born! This has been a very exciting summer for our family as we welcomed 2 new additions! It has been so much fun being pregnant with my sis and going through the sleepless newborn phase together too.

We were able to travel to Birmingham the week after Jack was born to meet him. Despite how exhausting the trip was with a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 week old, I'm so glad we were able to get some pictures of these boys together while they were newborns.
Here is A loving on baby Jack:
An uncooperative A with both babies:

Here is GiGi with both newbies:

Jack and Little Bit in their matching outfits that GiGi bought them:

Who can resist sweet baby feet?

Side by side in Jack's crib:

Sweet baby Jack:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meal planning Sunday

I thought I'd join Steph over at Green Kiddos for meal planning Sunday!!! Here's what we're having this week:

Monday - Tacos with black beans as a side

Tuesday - Chicken lasagna and salad

Wednesday - Grilled chicken with linguine and veggies

Thursday - Creamy crockpot chicken with mushrooms. This is a delicious Southern Living recipe that this friend passed along to me.

Friday - Meatball subs and chips

What is your family eating this week?

Handsome in Pink

We made our 3rd appearance at church today since Little Bit arrived. A donned his new pink polo shirt and he looked so darn cute that I had to post a picture!!!
I've had to leave church the previous 2 Sunday's during the service to feed Little Bit. Today his feedings worked out where I wouldn't have to do that. BUT he grunted and squirmed so much that I took him out anyway and watched from the lobby. Next week he'll be old enough to go to the nursery and I look forward to hearing the entire message from the sanctuary!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fast Learner

I have always been told that I am a fast learner and that I catch on quick to new things. Well, it didn't take me long to learn a few things about being a mom of two!

Here are some of things I have learned:

  • I am not superwoman!!! Being the independent gal that I am, this has been a hard one to swallow because I do not like to rely on others, including my hubby. For my own sanity and the well being of my family, I am quickly overcoming this. Its been a sweet time in my marriage as we have leaned on each other because he can't do it without me either!
  • I cannot do everything for both of my kids. Again, this is another hard one. Its good for them to learn to let someone other than mommy do things for them, but this is sad for me. As a mother of one, I could easily fill every sippy cup, read every book, change every diaper, and kiss every boo-boo. Not possible as a mother of two because there is still only 1 of me.
  • Washing my hair everyday is a luxury that is temporarily lost. I hope to re-introduce this into my daily routine at some point in the near future, but for now, I am just thankful to even get a shower (which may or may not happen everyday either!).
  • My kitchen floor may never see a mop again
  • I may never run more than 1 errand a day again - it takes a lot out of gal to load and unload 2 kids in the car!
  • I have to do a load of laundry everyday or the dirty clothes will overtake our house! Long gone are the days when I did all of the laundry for the week on one day!
  • Adding 1 new child does not double the work - it triples or quadruples it!
  • Adding 1 new child does not double the blessings - it triples or quadruples them!
  • A mother's love knows no limits - who would have ever thought that I could love another child as much as I loved A? I didn't think there was that much love left in the whole world, but little bit has managed to steal my heart!
  • My heart is so full sometimes that it hurts
  • At the end of the day when I am exhausted beyond belief, seeing all 3 of my boys snuggling in A's twin bed gives me the strength to go on and do it all again tomorrow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

1 Month Old

Our sweet little bit is 1 month old today! I am resisting the urge to cry at the thought that it is already going by so fast!!!

The transition from 1 child to 2 has been much easier than I expected. I would not say that it is "easy," but it has been a really enjoyable time for our family.

Little Bit, at 1 month old, you are:
  • Quickly outgrowing all of your newborn clothes
  • Wearing a size 1 diaper
  • Cooing - it is one of the sweetest sounds ever heard!
  • You love your bouncy seat
  • You usually fall right asleep when I put you on your tummy for "tummy time"
  • You eat every 3 hours during the day
  • Most nights you wake at 1:30, 5:30 and 9:00 to eat
  • You are a very good nurser
  • You like your swaddle ok.... sometimes you fight it and I have to take you out of it
  • You're not a huge fan of the sleep positioner - you prefer to sleep on your back
  • You love napping in front of your sunny bedroom window

Mommy, Daddy and big brother all adore you! We are so thankful God chose you to be part of our family!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I"m not crazy afterall.... or senile...

I "thought" that I remembered reading something about this when I was pregnant with A, but I could never find the article again and I chalked it up to pregnancy brain or pregnancy dreams.

But it is REAL!!! Pregnancy brain is a real "condition." Check out this article.

I'm sending this to my hubby now so he knows there is a reason for my insanity after all!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why being a mom to boys is so great.....

Last night we were having dinner at one of our favorite BBQ joints. A was sitting in the booth beside me and between a big bite of baked beans, he leaned over, rubbed my hair and said, "Mommy's Beautiful!"

I would not trade that moment or memory for all the money in the world....

Its a good thing that he did that because he's been a little stinker today. So I"m "remembering" that moment a lot today :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm tired.....

We are officially less than 4 weeks away from D-day!!! WooHoo! Our sweet little baby G will make his appearance on June 10th at 8:30am unless he decides to come before then, which would be fine with me!

I have officially reached the point where I am "over" being pregnant. Thankful, none the less, that this baby is healthy, but I'm over being pregnant. This is the point where I just get bigger every day and retain a little more fluid every day. I naturally have big lips, but I"m starting to look like my own caricature picture with all of the fluid accumulating now!

Life has been pretty normal around our house lately. Trying to take it easy despite my raging nesting instincts. I feel like I can't scrub enough! And contrary to my previous post, I want everything to smell like Pine-Sol! We finally finished the nursery. Because I could only do a little here and there, it felt like the project that would never end. I'll post some pics later.

A is just a handful these days! Things he is doing at 2 1/2:

Giving more hugs and kisses than ever

Says, "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy" all the time!!! I never get tired of hearing that..

When I tell him something he doesn't want to hear, says, "That way, Mama" and points in the other direction... yes, he has gotten a little sas about him lately.

Tells me to "change the diaper" when he has a stinky or heavy pee on.. but because I"m getting ready to have a newborn and A will have to deal with the transition of adjusting to a sibling, I am postponing potty training until G is sleeping through he night and I feel like a normal person again!

Loves the "itsy bitsy spider" song and says, "Mommy, itsy spider me" so I'll sing it and imitate a spider crawling up him!

Sings his ABC's all the time

Can count to 17

Knows his brother's name, but says he is in HIS tummy!

Has banged up knees and shins all the time from being a wild boy!

Asks to watch "Mike and Mike" on ESPN in the mornings - he is definitely his father's son

My goal is to take it easy and relax these next few weeks before our lives are turned upside down with middle of the night feedings and newborn demands! I"ll try to post at least once more before the big day arrives!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laundry and Lysol

Oh my... we have been in the sick house! Well, I should say poor sweet A has been in the sick house.

He woke up on Saturday morning with a stomach virus and had it coming out of both ends. My hub had to work all day Saturday, so I had a very busy day here by myself. I believe I only did 5 loads of laundry on Saturday compared to the 7 that I did on Sunday. It was accident after accident. My washer and dryer were running all weekend.

He was still too sick to go to daycare yesterday so I stayed home with him and we attempted to send him for half a day today, but got a call at 10am that he was running a fever of 102.

I believe that there are not many things in this life that hurt a parent's heart more than seeing our children sick or hurting. As I have been rocking my baby and praying over him this weekend, telling him how I wish I could make it all better, I couldn't help but be reminded that my Heavely Father has the same tender heart toward me! As an adult who has experienced hurts and disappointments in life, its hard to re-connect with that child like faith and feel like we are His babies.

As my mind continued to ponder that thought, I also stumbled onto how much it must hurt Him to see us hurt at our own expense. I truly believe as parents that some of the hardest and most effective parenting tools will be to let our children make mistakes (at the appropriate age, of course). I wonder how many times the Lord is wanting to make it all go away for me, but I"m too busy pursuing my own way to know.

One of the things I love most about the Lord is that He is able to use a very icky weekend of laundry and lysol to speak to me. One of the greatest blessings of being a parent is that it gives us a teeny tiny little microscopic glimpse of how much the Creator of the Universe loves us. He sent His son to die for us. When I really ponder that, it takes me breath away!

Romans 8:32

He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

25 Weeks

So this week marks 25 weeks into pregnancy!!! I can't believe how fast it is going by. My pregnancy with A seemed never-ending. Of course, I didn't have a 2 year old to chase around last time either :)

I went to the doctor last week and she didn't lift any of my "at home" restrictions. She said that our current course of treatment is working and its still too early to risk a change that could cause my fluid levels to drop again. I am thankful that there doesn't appear to be a greater issue at hand, so I'll just keep being a couch potato for a little while longer.

Barring any conflicts with the hospital O.R., it looks like this little man will be here on June 10th. My birthday is on the 9th so I'm resigning myself to the fact that this will probably be the last birthday that I get to officially celebrate :) We also have a name for our little guy! This has been an exciting few weeks.

I have actually had a very productive bed rest. I have managed to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Friday Night Lights on DVD and catch up on Season 3, I have caught-up on A's baby book and I'm almost caught-up on developing all of his pictures and getting those in photo albums (I am not a scrap booker). I have also started weeding through all of the red tape associated with applying for my CPA license, I have prepared and filed our taxes online and have managed to get back into blogosphere.

Other than that, we've just been enjoying some nice quiet family time at home. A seems to be doing well without his cast. He had a minor limp for the first few days, but its hardly noticeable now. He had fun playing in the snow on Sunday and is just enjoying being a little boy right now!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A's Big Boy Room!

I told you to be prepared for lots of posts since I am getting caught-up!

Finally, I have pictures of his big boy room. I had so much fun putting this together. I went with more of a transportation theme than originally planned, but he loves cars, trucks, planes, trains, etc., and I love the pure joy on his face when he sees them in his room!

My husband wanted me to clarify something of most importance.... the Big Red "A" does not stand for Alabama. It is for A's initial. There will never be any Roll Tide paraphenalia on the premises here... its Auburn all the way to the grave :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Pictures

Here are some more pics from the last few months....I've included some of cousins Jayden and Noah!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why A doesn't sleep in a crib anymore.....

I was trying to post this slide show within the text of this post, but I can't quite figure it out... I"ll be reaching out to some of my more blog savvy friends on this.

Anyway, enjoy the pics of this wild man in his element!

Expect more posts... I"m finally getting all of my pictures uploaded to the computer!

Foot Loose and Cast Free!!!!

A got his cast off today! After 4 weeks of inhibited mobility, he is thrilled to be cast free! And so are we.

Thankfully, his leg is healed and the only sign at this point is a small limp which should be gone in a few weeks. Enjoy the cast pictures!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Boy!

My sister Brittany, whom A affectionately calls Aunt T.T., is also pregnant and is due 3 weeks after me. She found out yesterday that she is having a boy!!!

So I have 3 nephews and two sons. It looks like the 18 year streak of girls only in my family is broken. Maybe one of these days I'll get to buy some cute girl clothes for somebody!!!

These boys sure are sweet though! And they love their mommies.... that's the best part :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I got a very good report from the specialist yesterday.

He said that my amniotic fluid appears to be in normal range. He threw out some numbers, but they didn't really mean anything to me because he was taking different measurements than the ultrasound technician last week at my OB's office. So I don't really know how much the fluids have increased, but apparently bed rest and drinking 16+ glasses of water a day is helping. I'm very relieved to find out that it was my over exertion that was causing the issue and not some greater problem.

I have to maintain the bed rest schedule at least until I go back to my OB in 3 weeks. I'm hoping she may lift some of the at home restrictions. Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Appointment Tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow with the perinatal specialist at 2:15. Please pray that everything is normal and that my fluid levels have increased from last week. I have been drinking water until I can't stand to take another sip!

I'll update you tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2009


A friend of mine shared something that I felt was worthy of passing along.

Her son had a stomach virus last week and couldn't keep anything down. When she took him to the doctor, he told her to think of B.R.A.T. in those situations:


All of those things are easy on the tummy and will still provide nutrition to a sick child!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday made 2 weeks since we moved A into his big boy room and twin bed.

Tomorrow makes 1 week that A has been in a cast.

Today marks the end of my first full weekend of bed rest. If my boss wasn't such a horrible wretch of a person right now, I might actually look forward to going to work tomorrow!

A is sleeping well in his new bed, but I think part of that has to do with the fact that he still refuses to walk. I"ll be curious to see how this goes next week when he gets his cast off. Bedtime is going easier and he's not waking up as much at night now. If something good did come out of his broken leg, I"m hoping its that he has learned he can sleep all night in his new room.

He goes back to the doctor next Monday to have the cast removed and more x-rays. The ortho was hopeful that he wouldn't need another cast. Hubs will have to take him to that appointment as I am on doctor's orders to go to work and then home to bed. It makes me sad not to be there, but I have to think of baby #2 also!

It looks like my boss has come up with a new schedule for me that complies with the 32/hrs week rule - 8hrs Monday and 6 hours for the other 4 days of the week. We'll see how the first full week goes starting tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're halfway there!!!!

We are officially halfway there! 20 weeks down and 20 more to go!

We are so thrilled to announce that Baby Rusch is a healthy baby......


We are both thrilled and blessed to be having another healthy baby!!!

We would like to request your prayers regarding one issue. My amniotic fluid is low. I had this same issue with A, but it didn't surface until around 32 weeks of pregnancy. Since I am only 20 weeks now and still have quite a way to go, it is a bit of concern. My doctor has reduced my work hours and put me on bed rest when at home. Again, the baby looks great and is in perfect health, we just need to try to increase my fluid levels.

I am going to a specialist on February 4th for more extensive testing to ensure there isn't a problem that the standard pre-natal tests are not detecting. All of my tests have come back normal, thus far.

Please pray for the following:

Reduced stress at work - most of you know my work situation has been horrible lately so its somewhat of a blessing not to have to be there as much! Hopefully they will respect the doctor's orders and things won't get nasty.

Coordinating more time to rest for me so my fluid levels can increase- Ted's job is very demanding right now and often requires him to work late nights. Just pray that the Lord works out all of these little details so that he can meet expectations at work and I can get the rest I need at home.

Pray for A - that the Lord would quickly heal his little leg and help him with the transition at home with mommy not being able to do as much.

We are so thankful for all of you and can't wait to introduce you to our second son in June!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it a boy or is it a girl???

Right now only God knows, but not for much longer.... we'll share in on the good news tomorrow!

Our appointment is at 9:15am.... can't wait to share!!!

A broken bone

A has a broken leg! And I have a broken heart.

I seriously deserve the worst mother in the world award! What I thought was a sprained/twisted ankle that the doctors wouldn't be able to do anything for, turned out to be a broken leg. Yep, he broke his leg right above his ankle. He has a little red cast that he will be in for at least 2 weeks until we go back to the orthopedic doctor for more x-rays. Its pitiful and cute all at the same time!

We have already seen a huge improvement in his demeanor now that he has a cast and the "boo-boo" is stabilized. He was crawling around like a mad man last night. He put weight on it a couple of times, but he hasn't attempted to walk on it yet. He is back at daycare today and I'm hoping that in an attempt to keep up with his buddies, he will start walking again.

As a side note, am I the only mother that feels like I always make the wrong decisions when it comes to my child? If I break down and call the pediatrician, I either feel like "that mom" who over-reacts to every little thing or like a horrible mother for not having had rushed my child in immediately. UGH..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little progress

Last night was a good night. A got up once around 11:00 and went straight back to bed without a fight. We were able to get a much need night's sleep!

He got his first "official" injury today. He sprained his ankle on the playground at daycare. It is so sad. He keeps saying, "Mommy, boo-boo hurts." Oh, how I wish I could take it away!

Hopefully tomorrow he will put weight on it again to walk. He sat on my lap all night tonight and watched Elmo. I loved the snuggles, although I wish they came under different circumstances.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Nights two and three in the big boy bed were successful! Both nights he got up once about 3 hours after going to bed. I can live with that.

Last night was another story... I laid in bed heartbroken listening to my child scream from his room. He came into our room around 11:00 and I took him back to his bed and it went downhill from there. He ran out of his new room (formerly the guest room/play room) into the nursery and reached for his crib saying "bed, bed, bed..." He wanted back in his crib. That broke my heart! I told Hub Luv that we were just going to buy a new crib for the baby and let A sleep in a crib until he's 5. Fortunately, he disagreed and we stuck to our guns and made A sleep in his twin bed. It was so pitiful though. I feel now like I did when he was a newborn and we started letting him cry it out when he went to sleep.

I'm praying tonight goes better! Does anyone have any suggestions to offer about transitiong from a crib to a twin bed?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Night One: Successful

Night one in the big boy bed went amazingly well.

We went through our normal bedtime routine and when we put him down, he stayed in bed. He cried out around 1:30 and I think he had woken up and was a little disoriented. I told him he was in his big boy bed. He fell back asleep until 8:30. That time he woke me up screaming. I could tell by the way he was lying in the floor that he had tried to climb down and had fallen. I put him back to bed and he slept until 10:00!

Naptime today was successful too. I"m praying night #two goes well because I'm exhausted from all of the projects around here. I feel like I have a lot to do in the next 5 months!

Side note.... who knew it was so hard to find a bed rail for a twin bed? I never dreamed it would be an ordeal, but it took us 2 hours of driving to different Targets and Wal-Marts last night to finally find one.

Putting the final touches on the room now... pics to come!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Cow, its 2009!!!

Man, did the new year sneak up on me!!!

I have been in a fog of pregnancy sickness for the last 3 months, aggravated by 2 sinus infections. One of which I am getting over now. If you are one of the lucky ones who do not get sick during pregnancy, count yourself blessed that you do not know what you are missing. I want to know who named it "morning" sickness because I would have given my right arm to have only been sick in the mornings. It was 24/7 for 16 weeks. With A it was 15 weeks. But I have a healthy 2 year old and another healthy one on the way, so I'll count it all worthwhile. It has been 2 weeks since I have had any pregnancy sickness, so I think I am in the safe zone. Praise Jesus!

Unfortunately, it didn't come in time to enjoy the holidays the way I like to :( I didn't bake the first item, didn't attend all of the holiday festivities hosted by friends and family, didn't have a birthday party for Jesus, didn't make ornaments and didn't put my tree up until one week before Christmas. Now its 2009 and I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy!

We have been busy painting A's big boy room! Tonight will be the first night he sleeps in there. I"m curious to see how it goes. His room is so, so cute. I'm still hanging everything on the walls, but will post some pics when its complete.

I hope your New Year is off to a great start. I'll try to update more regularly in 2009!