Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fast Learner

I have always been told that I am a fast learner and that I catch on quick to new things. Well, it didn't take me long to learn a few things about being a mom of two!

Here are some of things I have learned:

  • I am not superwoman!!! Being the independent gal that I am, this has been a hard one to swallow because I do not like to rely on others, including my hubby. For my own sanity and the well being of my family, I am quickly overcoming this. Its been a sweet time in my marriage as we have leaned on each other because he can't do it without me either!
  • I cannot do everything for both of my kids. Again, this is another hard one. Its good for them to learn to let someone other than mommy do things for them, but this is sad for me. As a mother of one, I could easily fill every sippy cup, read every book, change every diaper, and kiss every boo-boo. Not possible as a mother of two because there is still only 1 of me.
  • Washing my hair everyday is a luxury that is temporarily lost. I hope to re-introduce this into my daily routine at some point in the near future, but for now, I am just thankful to even get a shower (which may or may not happen everyday either!).
  • My kitchen floor may never see a mop again
  • I may never run more than 1 errand a day again - it takes a lot out of gal to load and unload 2 kids in the car!
  • I have to do a load of laundry everyday or the dirty clothes will overtake our house! Long gone are the days when I did all of the laundry for the week on one day!
  • Adding 1 new child does not double the work - it triples or quadruples it!
  • Adding 1 new child does not double the blessings - it triples or quadruples them!
  • A mother's love knows no limits - who would have ever thought that I could love another child as much as I loved A? I didn't think there was that much love left in the whole world, but little bit has managed to steal my heart!
  • My heart is so full sometimes that it hurts
  • At the end of the day when I am exhausted beyond belief, seeing all 3 of my boys snuggling in A's twin bed gives me the strength to go on and do it all again tomorrow.


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

So sweet, M!

The Harris' said...

Still don't get my hair washed everyday, but I am up to 3 errands.

There is nothing like a house full of boys!! We are so lucky that God has blessed us with that.

Take care and I hope to see you soon,