Thursday, August 6, 2009

A as Big Brother

WARNING: Lots of boob talk in this post

A has done such a remarkable job adjusting to having a sibling. He has certainly had his moments, but we expected there would be some bumps in the road. Overall, this has been a much easier transition than we expected.

Seeing breastfeeding through the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old is a funny thing! He has said and done so many cute things that I want to write them down before I forget! Most of these took place the first week Little Bit was home (I know.. I'm not timely with my blog posts!).

  • When Little Bit cries, A pulls up his shirt and says, "I want to feed him!"

  • On the first day Little Bit was home, I put him in a yellow sleeper. A's beloved giraffe is also yellow. When A saw Little Bit he said, "Mommy, he's wearing giraffe?" in the saddest voice I have ever heard. In my hormonal postpartum state, I started weeping. I thought, this poor child is having to share everyone's attention and now he thinks we've given Little Bit his lovie?

  • I keep the breast pump set-up in my bedroom, ready to rock-n-roll when I need it. I walked in one day to A with his shirt pulled up and the pump hooked up to his little boobie! He said, "I'm pumping milk for Little Bit!" My husband was most horrified by this.

  • A now breastfeeds giraffe..... I'll hear him say, "Look mommy, I'm feeding giraffe!" I'll turn around to see him sitting on the couch with his shirt up and giraffe hooked up to his boobie!

  • Whenever I breast feed, A says, "Little Bit's drinking his juice!"

  • A now burps and diapers every stuffed animal he has on a daily basis

  • Every morning he greets Little Bit by saying, "Good Morning Little Boy!" in the cutest voice I have ever heard. This is exactly how I greet him every morning (although, my voice isn't as cute).

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The Harris' said...

Oh the memories your post brings back! Lets get together soon.