Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life - wedding dress

I thought I would join Kelly in reminiscing about my wedding dress today!!!

I absolutely loved my wedding dress (and my wedding)! My dress was one of the first 5 that I tried on. I picked it up from the rack and initially put it back, but the shop where I was allowed you to try 5 and I had picked 4, so I went back and got it. The minute I put it on I knew that was it!!! My mom, sisters, and good friend Tanya were with me that day. The looks on their faces when I came out of the dressing room confirmed my thoughts that this was indeed THE ONE!!!

My dress was mermaid style with a sweetheart neckline. There was rhinestone beading at the breastbone and delicate beading around the neckline. It had long, sheer sleeves with a bell wrist. It was totally NOT what I thought I would get, but ended up loving it!!!


Tara G. said...

I love your hair in these! Of course, the rest of you looked so elegant, too! CLASSY!

Kristen said...

your dress is amazing! you made a beautiful classic bride!! Thanks for sharing!