Friday, May 22, 2009

I"m not crazy afterall.... or senile...

I "thought" that I remembered reading something about this when I was pregnant with A, but I could never find the article again and I chalked it up to pregnancy brain or pregnancy dreams.

But it is REAL!!! Pregnancy brain is a real "condition." Check out this article.

I'm sending this to my hubby now so he knows there is a reason for my insanity after all!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why being a mom to boys is so great.....

Last night we were having dinner at one of our favorite BBQ joints. A was sitting in the booth beside me and between a big bite of baked beans, he leaned over, rubbed my hair and said, "Mommy's Beautiful!"

I would not trade that moment or memory for all the money in the world....

Its a good thing that he did that because he's been a little stinker today. So I"m "remembering" that moment a lot today :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm tired.....

We are officially less than 4 weeks away from D-day!!! WooHoo! Our sweet little baby G will make his appearance on June 10th at 8:30am unless he decides to come before then, which would be fine with me!

I have officially reached the point where I am "over" being pregnant. Thankful, none the less, that this baby is healthy, but I'm over being pregnant. This is the point where I just get bigger every day and retain a little more fluid every day. I naturally have big lips, but I"m starting to look like my own caricature picture with all of the fluid accumulating now!

Life has been pretty normal around our house lately. Trying to take it easy despite my raging nesting instincts. I feel like I can't scrub enough! And contrary to my previous post, I want everything to smell like Pine-Sol! We finally finished the nursery. Because I could only do a little here and there, it felt like the project that would never end. I'll post some pics later.

A is just a handful these days! Things he is doing at 2 1/2:

Giving more hugs and kisses than ever

Says, "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy" all the time!!! I never get tired of hearing that..

When I tell him something he doesn't want to hear, says, "That way, Mama" and points in the other direction... yes, he has gotten a little sas about him lately.

Tells me to "change the diaper" when he has a stinky or heavy pee on.. but because I"m getting ready to have a newborn and A will have to deal with the transition of adjusting to a sibling, I am postponing potty training until G is sleeping through he night and I feel like a normal person again!

Loves the "itsy bitsy spider" song and says, "Mommy, itsy spider me" so I'll sing it and imitate a spider crawling up him!

Sings his ABC's all the time

Can count to 17

Knows his brother's name, but says he is in HIS tummy!

Has banged up knees and shins all the time from being a wild boy!

Asks to watch "Mike and Mike" on ESPN in the mornings - he is definitely his father's son

My goal is to take it easy and relax these next few weeks before our lives are turned upside down with middle of the night feedings and newborn demands! I"ll try to post at least once more before the big day arrives!