Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Version of Chicken Pot Pie

I've been under the weather today with a sinus headache, so I made one of my dishes that I like to label "No Prep Time" for dinner.

I like to consider this a healthy version of Chicken Pot Pie. Its not Paula Dean by any means, but then again, I don't think you can use healthy in the same sentence as Paula Dean. This is so simple and fairly healthy and its a good little dish to have tucked in your back pocket for when you don't feel like cooking!


1 lb chicken cut into 1 in. chunks (I use boneless/skinless tenders but you could use breasts)
1 can of cream of chicken soup (I use the reduced sodium)
1 8 0z package of cream cheese (I do use the regular)
1 1/4 cup of whole wheat pasta*
1 1/4 cup of frozen peas and carrots*
3/4 soup can of water, divided

Line an 8x11 baking dish with the pasta, peas and carrots, and chicken
Pour 1/4 of the water over
Mix the cream cheese, soup and remaining water and pour on top and spread evenly
Bake on 375 for 35 minutes
(About 20 minutes into baking, I take the casserole out and stir to mix everything together to bake for the remaining 15 minutes)


*These are approximate measurements - I usually just eyeball it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going Green!!!

Being a mommy has changed me in many ways...

  1. I can no longer watch Law and Order SVU

  2. I cannot listen to/watch the news regarding child abductions or hate crimes on children

  3. I drive more cautiously in addition to never talking on my cell phone while A is in the car with me or while I am driving on the interstate (even if I am alone)

  4. I am more aware of the condition of our environment that my child has to live in and my personal affect on that condition

  5. I am more aware of the foods and chemicals that I bring into my home

About a year ago, T and I started a "green" movement within our home. First it started with recycling and is slowly expanding into other areas. Little by little we are making changes to reduce the chemicals we are emitting in our air and help preserve our natural resources. We have started turning off the water while we brush our teeth, turning off lights when we leave the room, buying aerosol free products, walking vs driving when reasonable, using compact fluorescent lightbulbs, etc.

T is currently making his own "compost" for the yard. Its brewing now in a big Rubbermaid storage container in the back yard. If you are ever at my home and open up my refrigerator to see a bag full of coffee grounds, banana peels and other food scraps, that's what its for :) I have stopped using the best hairspray ever because it is only available in aerosol form. I feel the pain from that everyday when I am fixing my hair :( If anyone has a recommendation for a strong-hold, non-aerosol hairspray, please let me know!!!!

Anyway, this post is not intended to pat our own backs, but to give you some insight into what is going on with us and pass on some useful things I have found! What I wanted to share with you today is a recipe for a chemical-free, all natural, all-purpose cleaning solution I have been using for a couple of months. I am a clean freak and have been perfectly satisfied. Plus, it doesn't streak or leave a filmy residue. I even mop my floors with this.

This isn't a new invention, but an old tried and true cleaning solution. I just found out about it and wanted to pass along to others who may not have been aware. Its 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar. The vinegar is diluted enough that it doesn't leave a strong vinegary odor.

Its cheaper than most solutions on the market and we don't have to worry about our kids breathing in harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory problems.

If you're worried about the odor or aren't ready to make you own cleaning solution, Clorox has an all-natural product called "Green Works" that I have used and been satisfied with as well.

Please give it a try if you feel led and let's give our kids clean air to breathe and protect the earth our Lord created!!!

Ok... I'll stop now. Beware.. I may be turning into a tree hugger!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A climber of sorts

**I'm frustrated with trying to insert my pictures under the related text, so they are all appearing at the top of the post! Maybe one day I"ll have enough patience to figure this out..
The climbing has stepped up a notch..... the other day I caught A pulling out his dresser drawers and climbing up them to reach something on top of his dresser. I don't have a picture of that one because I almost had a heart attack when I saw him and couldn't reach my camera, but here is a picture of him climbing on his activity table. I had to dis-assemble another one he has because he was climbing on it. This one may be next.

So, I finally made the edible play dough that I referred to in another post. A had a blast with it! Here is the recipe if you're interested (I recommend sitting the kiddos at the kitchen table for this one).

Equal parts:

Peanut Butter
Powdered milk

I can't take credit for this one.... this is straight from Kate Gosselin on Jon & Kate Plus 8!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

War Eagle for Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a had a promotion today that anyone wearing a football team logo got 3 free chicken strips. So we donned our best Auburn T's and headed over to cash in!!! It was a nice way to wrap-up a fun filled weekend!!!

On Saturday we had lunch with Taz and Christi. It was so good to see them. Christi is still in one piece so school hasn't broken her yet. We miss them so much and tried to guilt trip them into moving back, but it didn't work.

On Sunday we went to my in-laws for swimming and a cookout. A's baby cousin, N, was there so we had our hands full trying to keep him off the baby. It really is cute.. he loves him so much and constantly wants to kiss him, tickle him and give him toys or his milk cup. I'm not so sure the rest of the family finds this cute yet :)

Here are some pics from our weekend. Enjoy!

He had more fun playing in the fireplace than the pool (Don't worry... it hasn't been used yet)

Being silly with giraffe on his head...

More Poop talk.....

So last week he said "Poo-Poo" for the first time when I was telling him that he poo-pooed in his diaper.

Today he came up to me and said, "Poo-Poo". I checked his diaper, and he had in fact, gone #2. This is really the first big sign he's shown that we're moving toward potty training readiness.

I got his little potty out of storage and put it in his bathroom. In the coming days I hope to familiarize him with the concept by letting him sit on the potty and talk about it.

I can't believe my baby is almost ready to be potty trained!!!! Please pray for us as we begin, what I've heard, is a very challenging journey!